Monday, October 3, 2011

On our Way Home Tomorrow Morning

Hello again everyone!

Tomorrow morning, we are ON OUR WAY HOME! This will be our last entry in our travel blog (unless our neice Lynn-z forgets to pick us up at the airport, then there will be a special edition!).

We have had several days of exploration in Rome, and haven't had a lot of time for writing the blog.

We did finally get the hot water in the B&B shower working after only two nights of cold water showers. It was part of the experience. The place where we are staying is very new, and everything else seems to be working fine. They even have a coffee maker that we can operate ourselves so there is coffee when we get up without fail!

Lighting Candles - Hoping for a hot shower


We all sorts of things in Rome, the catacombs, the Trastevere and the Vatican. We saw more churches than we can count and several great museums. Rome is an amazing city with an incredible amount of history everywhere you look.

Don't fall in the water! 
Trevi Fountain

Palatine Hill
Here are a couple of pictures from the last couple of days, but there are lots more pictures at the links On Picassa; Link to Oct 1, link to Oct 2, Link to Oct 3.

Hope you are doing well, and see you soon!

Stephen & Linda