Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Our Third and Final day in Rome

Our Third and Final day in Rome

Today was our final day of touring Rome.  Tomorrow we walk to the train station with our bags and board the train to Tuscany where we will begin the bike riding portion of our trip.  The train trip will last a few hours, but we will have some time getting our bikes and getting settled.  We will have to see if we have any extra time and whether the weather is warm, there is a possibility of a dip in the Mediterranean Sea in the afternoon.

We started our final day with a walk to Trevi Fountain and then headed past the Coliseum to San Giovanni.  The morning light was beautiful and we stopped often to get some pictures along the way.

We then headed out by bus to the Catacombs of St. Callixtus for a guided tour of the ancient Christian burial site.  It is a fascinating tour, and we almost always learn something new each time we go.  It is also a big favorite attraction for Linda.  According to our guide several of the early Popes had been buried in this catacomb originally, although they have long since been moved elsewhere.

From the Catacombs we caught a bus into the outskirts of town, a subway through the middle of town, and a tram to the North East of town where we went to the MAXXI museum.  Unlike most of the museums in Rome the MAXXI is a modern art museum.  The building itself has a very interesting architecture as well as several interesting exhibits.  As in almost all modern art museums, some of the exhibits really grab you, others leave you wondering what other people see in them.

After touring the MAXXI, we took the tram back but walked through the center of town for a last look at the Spanish Steps and several of the Piazzas.  Shortly after we got back to the hotel, the rain the weather report had been talking about arrived with a vengeance.  We were pretty glad our timing worked out the way it did.  Tonight we are getting everything ready for our trip tomorrow.  We had a great time in Rome, but we are excited about starting the bike ride in Tuscany as well.

If you would like to see where we were and some of the pictures here is the link: "Garmin Adventure"

We hope you are doing well,

Stephen & Linda

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