Thursday, June 7, 2012

Provence - Riding to our favorites

Hello Folks,

Today we had kind of a do your own ride day, so we combined some pieces of the local bike rides that we particularly enjoyed with some things that we had not had a chance to see.

We started the ride by going to a small town nearby called Entrechaux and exploring it a bit and hiking up to the Castle ruins. One thing you can count on with a castle is that it will be on top of the steepest hill around, and that it will have a great view. Getting in to look around is an altogether different matter.



We then headed out to ride in some canyons with great views and visit a town called Buis-les-Baronnies. Although finding a detailed and accurate history is a little hard, I believe that parts of the marketplace are about 14th or 15th century. There certainly is very interesting architecture in this town.


As we approached Vaison-la-Romaine (the town where we are staying), we came upon a church built high on a narrow peak. The church occupies the entire top. You can easily see the church from anywhere in town, but I think they have a real parking problem.

Where is the parking lot?

Tomorrow (Friday) is our very last riding day, followed by cleaning up and turning in the bikes, packing our bags, and all of the other last day errands. Saturday morning at 8:00 we head for the train station and ride the TGV back to Paris for a night. Sunday we head for the airport and back home.

I am not sure if we will have a chance for another blog entry, or anything interesting to say unless our travel plans don't work out, so this may be the last entry for this trip.

We hope you are all doing well.

More pictures at this Picasa Link

Stephen and Linda


  1. We love the way you guys experience life in other countries. . . little out-of-the-way towns & villages . . . sidewalk cafes . . . culinary tasting . . . walking . . . biking . . . riding highways & byways . . . quiet escapes . . . comradery with new acquaintences from around the world. Just the way we like to do our travels although few and far between, and with the exception of biking!

    Thanks for your picturesque and informative blogs once again.

    We returned last night from Alaska Cruise and several "touristing" days in Seattle.

    Safe trip home. . . . Dianna & Tom

  2. Dianna & Tom,

    Glad you made it home from your trip safe and sound. I hope you had a wonderful time up north. I bet it was beautiful.

    I am glad you enjoyed the blogs, we have fun with them. We look forward to seeing you sometime soon.

    Stephen & Linda