Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fourth Day of Riding in Provence

Hello Everyone,

Today was our fourth day of riding in Provence, and we did as always have a great time. Today our ride went through a beautiful canyon and back through a second canyon. We could see Mount Ventoux in the distance, waiting for us to try to climb it. We plan to try tomorrow if the weather permits.  We have been having a great time on all of our riding days so far.

Wish our friends could join us for this climb

We did not get as many pictures today because during the ride we had a couple of sprinkles of rain. The rain was not enough to get us all that wet, just a little damp. We did want to keep things like cameras in a plastic bag to keep it from getting damaged.

Near the midpoint of today's ride

After we got home we cleaned up and got dressed and it started raining in earnest. We were pretty glad to be back before the downpour started. There was a some thunder and lightening which is also a bit disconcerting when you are on a bike. During the lightening, Linda was drying her hair and the power went off briefly. She thought that she might have to settle for the frizzy top hairdoo. The power came right back on and she did manage to finish just fine.

We have been having our supper outside, but I suspect that we will have it somewhere else tonight.

The weather is expected to clear up before dawn, so it should not interfere with tomorrows ride.

Hope you are all doing well.

More pictures at this Picasa Link

Stephen and Linda

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