Thursday, May 31, 2012

First Riding day in Provence

Riding in Provence

We made it down from Paris on the TGV yesterday and then to our hotel in Vaison-la-Romaine in Provence without any incident. We have had a couple of suppers with our bike group and one day of riding and it is a great group of folks to be with.

Waiting for the TGV at the Station

Knitting at 320 km/h (200mph)

Tonight at dinner we sat with a couple who was not quite as lucky, British Airlines lost their luggage, so they are in Provence with the clothes on their back. It seems that every time they talk to British Airlines they get a different story about where their things are and when they will get them. The were able to go shopping today and have rental bikes so at least they are riding tomorrow.

Our hotel room
Breakfast on the porch

We had a very pleasant ride today, it was pretty flat and not to far. They use kilometers over here which is great when you are cycling, you feel like you have made a major accomplishment when the odometer reads 65km! It sounds a lot more impressive than 40 miles. The weather was warm and sunny, but not so hot to be oppressive.

Vineyards along the route

Will write more in a few days – Linda is kicking me off the computer so she can check here email

Good night – hope you are all well.

More pictures from yesterday and today -  Picasa Links.

Stephen and Linda

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