Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Arrived in Paris 2012

We are off to Europe again.

Our trip to Paris for sightseeing and to Provence for bike riding began well; we made to Paris without any problems.  We caught the flyaway bus at the Irvine train station which turned out to be a great deal, and actually really convenient.

Waiting for the Fly Away in Irvine

The connection from London to Paris was a little rushed, but we made it some time to spare.  It is probably best, it kept us from buying coffee and hot chocolate at outrageous prices and getting our change in pounds (which we won't use again for the rest of the trip).



Our connection in Paris went well, we caught a regional train in Charles de Gaulle Airport to the heart of Paris, and then caught a metro to within two blocks of the apartment where we are staying.

RER - Regional Train

The building that we are staying is was apparently built in the late 1700s, but the apartment itself is pretty up to date, dishwasher, stove, refrigerator, microwave.  It is in an area called St. Germain or the 6th district.  I think we are really going to like it here.  After we got settled we headed off to the ATM for some cash and the grocery store for some food.  Since it had been several hours since we had real food, it tasted pretty good.

Apartment in Paris

Apartment in Paris

Apartment in Paris
 We are going to head off to bed, possibly sleep in tomorrow, possibly wake up at 3:00 am, in any case we are real tired now.  I will finish off with some pictures & hope that you are all doing well.

Stephen & Linda


  1. Wow! Nice digs! How long are you in Paris?

    1. Hello Dianna,
      We're in Paris for 8 nights. You should see this place we're in! Wow! So convenient to everything, and we have about 1500 square feet. It's huge compared to the little cramped hotels in which we normally stay. It's quiet, too. The bank is 2 blocks away, as is shopping, cafes, bakeries, bistros, etc. I can't believe our good fortune, and for not much more than a hotel. The apartment is full of antiques, the bed was comfortable, the water hot, a washer and dryer. We're definitely in the big time, and I highly recommend this place.
      Stephen will probably send out another blog tonight.

  2. Hi Linda you look beautiful I wish you and Stephen a great vacation , yalla keep us posted , love you .