Wednesday, May 23, 2012

First Day Touring Paris

Bonjour friends and family!

Living room, fireplace, Espresso, French Pastery
We started our first day with some wonderful pastries from the bakery down the street. Linda got some rolls that were just out of the oven – French pastry doesn't get better than this. After our breakfast & coffee we headed out with no particular destination. It turned out to be a church and museum day.

We stopped at Saint Germain des Pres (Catherdal) first, our neighborhood is named after it. We then found our way down to a market a couple of blocks down. We then found our way to the catherdals Saint Sulplice and Sainte-Chapple, each of these famous for different reasons. Saint Sulplice was mentioned in one of the Dan Brown books because of the meridian line marker – it was supposed to be part of an ancient religious plot. Sainte-Chapple has some of the most spectacular stained glass anywhere – pictures can't do it justice. I might have to see if I can touh some of these photos up when I get home to get closer to what they looked like.

St Germain

St Sulplis

We then made our way to the Palace of Justice (court house), Notre Dame, and then Musée Du Louvre. It is just real special to be able to see things like the Mona Lisa, Hammurabi's Stella, Artifacts from Babylonia, Assyria, and Egypt, and the famous paintings that you see in books for your whole life.

Sainte Chapple

Love Locks

Linda in the Lourve

We got back home had supper and crashed. Jet lag was really catching up to us at the end of the evening (so we are writing the next morning and getting ready to go out again in a few minutes!).

Hope you are doing well, there are more pictures on picassa at this link.

Stephen and Linda


  1. Oh, you guys are AWESOME....Stephen, thank sooo much for sharing this with me!! Wow, the pictures look GREAT! What wonderful sights to see and I want one of those pastries!!! Keep the updates coming, I really enjoy this!
    Love to you both,

    1. Beth,

      Glad you are enjoying the blog, it is a great way to stay in touch with folks and let them know what we are up to.

      Since Linda already got busted at LAX bringing an apple into the country - they had a Beagle trained to look for food - I don't think we will be bringing any food back.

      Tell the rest of you family "Hi" from both of us.