Friday, April 11, 2014

Off to the Netherlands and Germany

Hello Friends and Family,

Linda and I are off on a trip to the Netherlands and Germany in a few hours.  It should be a great trip if most of the things go as planned.  We are going to spend some time exploring Amsterdam, then going on a 'Bike & Barge' trip that is being offered by the club we belong to, and then we are going to head off to tour Berlin. 

We start the trip over on Saturday April 12th, flying from LA international to Amsterdam, and landing on Sunday morning local time.  We then plan to purchase a ticket on one of the automated machines for a train ride from the airline terminal to the Amsterdam Central train station.  It should be pretty straightforward as long as we can find the button for instructions in English and follow the instructions with a minimal amount of sleep.

The train ride should not take too long and the trains are supposed to run every 20 minutes, so hopefully we should be in the heart of Amsterdam about 30 to 45 minutes after we collect our luggage.  We then have several days to get over our jet lag and explore Amsterdam.

On Saturday the 19th we check in at the barge / boat for the bike tour.  Since we are sleeping on the boat we don't have to pack and unpack during the bike trip.  The bike ride is called a "Tulip Tour", so if the conditions are right we might see a lot of flowers blooming.  Since the daffodils bloom earlier than Tulips we have a good shot of seeing one or the other depending on how quickly Spring is arriving.

After the bike tour, we catch a train with two of our long time friends Vickie and Karin to Berlin on Saturday the 26th.  It should be a lot of fun exploring the sites in Berlin with friends.  We were able to get a reservation at the same apartment that we had on our last visit, which  was a real treat, it is in a great location, has a terrific view, and is very comfortable.  Linda and I then return home on May 9th.  It should be a lot of fun.  Amsterdam and Berlin are two terrific cities to visit, and the weather reports from Amsterdam look milder than they did a week ago.

Packing and getting ready went pretty well, there are a few things left to be stuffed into the suitcases, but we are 95% done. Hopefully then next post will be in a few days from Europe.  Till then we hope you are all doing well.

Nearly done packing

Not too stressed yet
Stephen & Linda

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