Sunday, April 13, 2014

We made it to Amsterdam

We made it across the ocean, through the airports, and to our hotel, which is were we are writing from.  The flight over is always tiring so I am sure we will be going to bed pretty early tonight, and if past trips are any indication, we will probably wake up at about 3:00am when our biological alarm clock goes off.

Offsetting the tired feeling from the flight is the excitement of being in a wonderful city like Amsterdam so even though we are tired we had to do a little looking around the town, seeing some of the sites, and getting our bearings for the next couple of days of visiting.  Doing a museum visit would be kind of a mistake though, without plenty of fresh air and some walking, we would be napping the first time we sat down.  We elected to walk around after a mid-day nap instead.

The hotel is just a short distance from the train station, I am going to try to insert a map and hope that it works for everybody.  The upper right blue map pin is the central train station, and the one next to 'De Nieuwe Kerk' is our hotel.  The 'blocks' in Amsterdam are pretty short, so it isn't that big of a walk.

View Amsterdam Arrival in a larger map

It is right in the middle of all of the cool things to see in Amsterdam, so we should be able to walk to most of the attractions, and dash home in case the weather changes and it starts pouring rain.

The website for our hotel has a pretty good picture of the front view, so I will just post This Link.

We took a nap after checking in, then walked around the downtown a bit. It was a beautiful afternoon, a little cool, but in a few days we will be used to it.  Here are a couple of pictures from our walk about.

Not far from our Hotel

Canal on a Sunday afternoon

A little chilly


Informal Jazz

We will be snoozing again by the time most of you read this.

Stephen and Linda

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