Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Our Second Day in Amsterdam

Hello folks,

It is the morning of our second day.  The forecast for today is partly cloudy with a very low chance of rain, so we are going to set out with enthusiasm, and our umbrellas.

Our plan is to visit a few of the smaller attractions, probably the Anne Frank House and the Rembrant House, and then maybe hit a museum or two.  Maybe the Van Gogh Museum or the Amsterdam Museum (history of Amsterdam). We might even do a canal boat ride as a change of pace and a different way to see the city.

It is off to breakfast now. We will head out and finish up this post when we get back.

We changed our plans and decided to head to the Van Gogh Museum first, but when we got there it had a pretty long line to get in.  We decided instead to go to the Contemporary Art Museum, the Stedelijk,  which was about one hundred yards away.  What a great find it turned out to be. Instead of the two hours that we planned to spend at the Van Gogh Museum, we spent the entire morning and then some at the Stedelijk. It featured not just paintings, but all sorts of contemporary design.

Paintings by several artists at the Sedelijk

Modern Furniture


This room was beyond description

We were so charged by this find that we decided to try a new photography museum called FOAM. It was in contrast a complete disappointment. The Dutch may know about good cheese and yogurt, but they don't seem to have a handle on photography. We did however find several blooming tulips and a Schnauzer on the way.




 After we determined that the wait outside of Ann Frank's house was to long, we went instead to the Rembrandt House Museum which turned out to be a great visit. 

Rembrandt House - Kitchen

Rembrandt House - Parlor

Rembrandt House - Pigments for paint

Along the walk back to the Hotel
The Museums we tries to see today are marked with Green Map Pins. Oh, by the way, we did use the umbrellas for a few minutes today.

View Amsterdam in a larger map

We are planning to leave a bit earlier tomorrow morning for the Van Gogh Museum, so we are going to turn in early tonight.

Stephen and Linda

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