Saturday, September 4, 2010

Getting Ready for a Road Trip Vacation

We are getting ready for a one week road trip vacation starting during the Labor Day Weekend. This will be a little different than most of our vacations. Generally we fly to our destinations and then either go cycling or use public transportation. This time we are driving. Another difference is this time we will be going with my sister Lieza and our niece Kamar. Lieza and I have been on road trip vacations together when we were kids, but that was over 40 years ago.

Our itinerary is to drive from Mission Viejo to Las Vegas for the first night. We will be staying downtown where we can hand out and see some the attractions and see our Cousin Tom. From there, we are going to Zion National Park in the southwestern corner of Utah. After two nights in Utah, we are heading over to Arches National park on the Southeastern corner of Utah and staying in the town of Moab for two nights. We will then start heading back in the direction of home and stop at Bryce National Park for two nights. After Bryce it is back to Las Vegas for a night, this time we are staying on the strip, which should give us different sights to see.

We think it will be a good trip. We should have lots of opportunities for hiking, taking pictures, and relaxing. It sounds like it should be fun and we tried to arrange it so we wouldn’t be in the car for too long on any of the days. I will try to make some updates and post pictures of our adventures from the road.

I will try to send an email to let you know there is an update, but technology in remote locations is sometimes sketchy. The good news is, even if I am a day or two behind with the email, the post should still be there. If you know of anyone that I missed, just point them to the blog link.

We hope you are all doing well.

Stephen and Linda

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