Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hiking the Aliso and Woods Canyon Wilderness Park Hike

Scouting the Trail
Well this isn’t really a posting about a vacation, but it was a fun local hike and it is going to be a few weeks until we go on our next multiple day out of town adventure, so in order to keep the blog from getting to stale in the mean time, here is a post about our hike this morning.

We drove from our house with Linda’s sister Cindy to Laguna Beach and headed up to the top of Park Avenue which put us at the trail head.  We gathered our gear, studied the map and headed down the trail.  After an initial dilemma about which trail at the trail head to choose, we found a sign posting the trail by name and we were off.  The trails were in fact very well labeled throughout in addition to the usual warning signs about rattlesnakes and mountain lions which are put up to heighten the sense of adventure.
We've hiked a whole half mile! That's a little depressing
When we started it was foggy and cool, but after a couple of miles the sun burned off the fog and we took off our jackets.  The trail was fairly wide and very well traveled, we saw several groups of hikers and quite a few mountain bikers.  It would actually be a better hike during the week, less bike traffic would be a plus.

Still Smilling
We got back just at lunch time so we enjoyed the sandwiches that Linda made for us, sitting on a picnic table that rocked up and down every time one of us got up.  We packed everything back into the car and headed home.  It wasn’t a big adventure, but it was enough to keep our legs in hiking shape for a while.  We had a great morning and will be adding this to our list of things to do around Orange County.  We do have to start our hiking training for next summer’s birthday hike!
Resting in the shade
OK, we kind of got into resting

The final climb

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