Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bike Ride down the Coast

Time for a Break
Today Linda and I went on one of our ‘standard rides from Mission Viejo to Las Pulgas Road on Camp Pendelton Marine Corps base.  There was a thin fog when we started but it turned to an overcast about a half hour into the ride.  We managed to get to the Starbucks in downtown San Clemente about an hour and fifteen minutes into the ride where we not only stop for a break, but we pick up our riding buddy Nate.  After a short break we are off again down the old coast highway which is at times a functional road, part of a park, and bike path through the marine base.  We ride past the San Onofre nuclear power plant and state beach, and the trestles beach that is a popular surfing destination.  It is a pleasant 56 mile round trip with a lot of views of the Pacific Ocean from the bike trail.

While we were resting at Starbucks, Nate said that he like reading the blog, but felt that I should branch out into other subjects that I find interesting like diet or politics.  He was thinking the adventures of Steve & Linda might get old after a while unless we were going somewhere more exotic.  Oddly enough I was emailing to another person about this same subject - that vote came in to keep the blog simple and stick to what is going on in our lives.  Decisions.  Well even though I don’t agree with Nate on everything, he does have good taste in bike jerseys, so he could have a point.  I will have to think about what else I might add other than travel and things we are doing.  Stay tuned.


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