Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Vacation Day 3 – Hiking in Zion

We planned to wake up early and go hiking up to a spot called Angel’s Landing before it got too hot.  We figured we would wake up at about 5:00 or 6:00, grab coffee and breakfast and hit the trail.  We woke at about 8:00 and instead of the forecast bright sunshine we had cloud cover.  We had breakfast and go going a couple of hours later than planned, but at least it was also cooler than yesterday’s forecast predicted.

Lieza hiked with us up the Grotto Trail to the turn off to Angles Landing and turned back to work on her Term Paper and relax.  Linda, our niece Kamar and I went on the hike up Angles Landing.  Now some of you might think that it is stupid to go hiking with someone that is more than 30 years younger than you,  It is stupid.  It is more stupid if she runs regularly.  Linda and I persevered and pretended to climb without effort although I doubt we really fooled anyone.

We got to the top of Angel’s landing and the view was spectacular, as you might hope after climbing 1600 feet in elevation.  It was a great place to have lunch.  After lunch we took a few pictures and decided it was time to head down.  The decent wasn’t too bad, but there were a few places where you had to be careful of your foot placement and your grip on the chains. 

After we got down, we took a different trail back to the lodge, this one went to a place called Emerald Pools which had a couple of waterfalls and plants hanging on the sandstone cliffs.  It was a great way to end the hike.  We went back to the room and rested for about an hour and then all of us got on the tram and took it as far up the canyon as the road went.  From there we all hiked the River Trail which is a beautiful walk up the river to a place called The Narrows.  The Narrows is a place where the trail goes into the river, and continues up river.  This seemed a bit ambitious since it was getting pretty late in the day, and a little risky since it had rained a little in the afternoon.  There are signs warning about flash floods in the narrows and although the possibilities were remote, we decided to head back and have supper and a shower instead.

Tomorrow we pack up and leave Zion to head to the town of Moab Utah on the Southeastern Side of Utah.  From there we will visit Arches National Park.

Linda getting ready for the final climb up Angel's Landing

Linda and Kamar taking a short rest

Pictures of today on Picasa or this link


  1. Good gravy...you are an ambitious group. When Tom and I go there, we MAY "hike" to the Emerald Pools from the lodge and back, but then again, we may get lunch and sit up on the upper deck there and just plain ole' enjoy the fantabulous view of the red rocks instead! We'll see.

    Good for all of you! D, for T, 2

  2. I agree. Very ambitious indeed. Pfffff .. those two!!!