Monday, September 6, 2010

Vacation Day 2 – Las Vegas to Zion

We started off the day with a small breakfast and a lot of coffee, and then loaded up the car.  Linda went down to the Casino to play video poker once again.  After her triumph of the night before of beating the machine, she was confident she would be able to come back again with a buck or two in big winnings.  She was back in ten minutes, ten dollars poorer.  I have a theory that they set the machines to be more aggressive in the morning right before everyone is leaving.  If you are going to leave anyway, your money might as well stay.

We headed up the interstate toward Zion National Park arriving in the mid afternoon.  We lost an hour when we crossed into Utah and went from the Pacific to Mountain time zone.  We checked into our hotel and then went for a tour of the valley on the trams that take you throughout Zion Canyon.  We got a few pictures and some tips from the rangers on good hiking trails.  We are planning to be up early in the morning and do some hiking.
Zion Canyon

Kamar, Lieza, and Linda at the Zion Lodge

More pictures on Picasa (Link)

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