Thursday, September 9, 2010

Vacation Day 5 – Arches National Park

Today we got up early in the morning to go see Arches and do a little hiking.  We started out by taking some pictures in the south end of the park.  We then traveled up to a place called Delicate Arch near the center of the park and got out for a short walk up to the viewpoint.  We spent some time looking at the arch and taking pictures, morning seemed to be the best light from that angle. After we got down from the Delicate Arch we drove up to the north end of the park to the trailhead for the “Devil’s Garden” hike.

Lieza took the car keys to go exploring some of the sights by car, and Kamar, Linda, and I embarked on the trail.
Lieza, Kamar, and Linda

The official description of the Devil’s Garden Trail reads: “Longest of the maintained trails in the park, Devil’s Garden Trail leads to eight awe-inspiring arches.  Expect narrow ledges with rocky surface hiking and scrambling on slick-rock.  Beyond Landscape Arch, the trail becomes more challenging as it climbs over sandstone slabs; footing is rocky; there are narrow ledges with exposures to heights.  Spur trails lead to Partition and Navajo Arches.”  Who could resist that!
Landscape Arch
Walking on the edge of the "fin"

Actually when you are walking on the top of these slabs or “fins” they only look a couple of feet inches wide, the wind seems to be blowing at gale force beyond classification velocity, and the drop on either side seems to be tens thousands of feet down.  When you get to the view points on the trail the views are spectacular!  This park is very majestic.  We had a great time.

That arch has to be around here somewhere!

Tomorrow we pack up and drive to Bryce National Park.

Here is a link to the Picasa Album for Arches.  Or this link.


  1. Hey!

    It is so great to hear that Frau Kiel has met her match in Kamar!! I little dose of her own medicine just might make the Frau a little more empathetic for us less fortunate! If Kamar needs a list of abusive names or comments, just let me know. They are tattoed on my heart so I have them readily available! I can just hear the echoing repetition of the word "Pannnnnsy" rebounding of of the canyon walls. (Yes, I know Linda is saving another "P" word just for me...) You may tell Linda to be a little kinder to Kamar while traversing the narrow arches that are thousands of feet from the ground. I probably do not need to mention that because of her keen sense of survival. However, you might want to remind Kamar that Linda is verrrry competitive. She and Wily Coyote just may find each other and then...!

    Should you ever regain your senses and find yourselves in a saloon, bend an elbow for me!!

    J & B

  2. Linda laughed when she read this, but I think she is planning a hike for you & Beaudy!