Sunday, September 4, 2011

Off to Europe!

Linda and I are finished packing and will be on the way to LAX this afternoon.  If everything goes well in about 24 hours we will be in Rome checking into our Hotel for the night.  My sister Lieza is going to drop us off at the airport on her way home (Clovis).

It is funny that to be looking forward to the flight over, but we are.  Even though time seems to drag while standing in one of the lines at the airport, it all goes by pretty quick and the real vacation begins.

Our first stop is Rome where it looks like we be able to celebrate an impromptu version of Labor Day, a one day general strike.  Hopefully it will just be on Tuesday when we weren't planning to take any planes or trains anyway.

Wednesday the 7th, we are taking the train up from Rome to Donoratico in Tuscany where we will meet up with our Cycling Club for a bike ride through Tuscany.  On the 17th we catch another train, this time to Florence for a couple of days to soak up some Renaissance culture.  From Florence we fly to Berlin on the 20th and then back to Rome on the 28th.  On October 4th we will be flying back to LAX.

We will post update pictures and updates as time and internet availability permits.  We hope all of you have a great September as well.

Since the blog posts are better with pictures, and since the camera is already packed, you will have to settle for a couple of shots from the end of July when we hike up Whitney with some friends to celebrate my 60th Birthday.
Steve (Lex), Linda, Kamar, Cindy, Paul, & Stephen

The View from the top of Whitney
At the top of Whitney


  1. Hi Stephen & Linda it all looks so great (except all of the grueling exercise) cant wait for you guys to get back so we can hear all about the trip & remember my best travel advise to pop up like a praire dog when possible

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