Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ride Days 5 & 6 in Tuscany

We have been riding every day now, following up the riding with a swim in the Mediterranean Sea after most of our rides. It is a great way to cool off!

Yesterday we rode inland over some low mountains and into the next valley to visit the town of Montiverdi. We had a nice snack of local cheese and bread, and I had an espresso. We then headed back toward the hotel, but we decided to extend our ride and ride down to San Vincenzo. San Vincenzo is a larger seaside town to the south of us with more shops and stores.



San Vincenzo
Today was officially a day off from riding, but we had an opportunity to tour an olive farm, and taste some of the olive oils that they make. Some of the farms in this area make several kinds of oil slightly different taste and color. It was real interesting to see where the olive oil on the table was coming from.

The Olive Farm

A Snack for our Group

A farmer and an old tractor

We decided to do a little bit of riding, and went back up to the town of Bolgheri for lunch and then over to the seaside city of Cecina again. It seemed like a great opportunity for a ride, great scenery and some gelato. We had a few of the other members of our group join us on our extended ride, so we could compare notes on how we thought we should pronounce all of the Italian names we encountered.



Linda, Tommy, and Peter

There are a few more pictures at Picasa Web Album.

Stephen & Linda

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