Friday, September 30, 2011

Second Day in Rome

Hi Everyone!

Today we started out a little later after switching hotels. The hotel that Linda had booked had double booked, so we moved to a place down the street that they found for us. The room is real nice and quiet, but Linda is having trouble getting any hot water in the shower. Hopefull they can fix this tomorrow morning. I suspect that knowing where the hot water heater is located and being able to read Italian will give them an edge.

After our move, we headed out to look for a Roma Pass for an hour or two. Rick Steves spent a couple of pages extolling the virtues of this pass in his latest version of travel mis-information about Italy. It turns out that nobody in Rome sells a Roma Pass these days. If I had actually bought the Rick Steves book, I would take it to a book burning.

We started out by Colosium and Forum area. It was overrun with Boat People that had been dropped off by the various cruise lines. We decided to avoid the crowds and slow lines by going up to the area of the Villa Borhgese instead.

Popular stop

The Forum

We took the metro to the park surrounding the Villa Borghese. We walked through the park to the National Gallery of Modern Art spending a few hours there. We had a great time enjoying the Museum, the art was great and not crowded since it is not on most tourist routes.

Art we didn't understand 
Getting closer

Long tall Sally
Our final stop for the afternoon was the Galleria Borghese, which is on most tour routes. The museum was terrific, but, no pictures as you are not even allowed to bring your camera inside!

We hope you are all doing well.

Here are links to more pictures from yesterday and from today.

Stephen & Linda


  1. I was wondering when you were going to get to the colosium. Cripes .. where'd all those boat people come from??? Did you get an eery feeling when you walked through them? I'm assuming you guys will be returning to the States around Wednesday because the weather is going to turn cold again. Thanks for bringing us some sun!!

  2. Assuming you will contact Rick Steves' peeps re misinformation. If you weren't planning to do so, you should.

    What a wonderful vacation you two have experienced thus far. We've all enjoyed armchair traveling with you, as always. See ya' when you're back in MV.