Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ride Day 8 - Tuscany

Today we visited several towns that we have seen earlier in the trip, but approaching them from different roads. We decided to start the day by visiting the local farmers market which is set up on the main street through town. On Thursdays, the cars just have to go around. It is fun to see the local produce, cheeses and olive oil on display for sale.

Farmers Market in Donoratico

Farmers Market in Donoratico

Farmers Market in Donoratico

After the market we road into the hills and visited the towns of Castagneto, Suverto, Venturina, and then San Vincenzo, and then returned home. Just after noon, we came upon a “Super Conad” which is an upscale version of the normal of the Conad Supermarket. Linda went in to see if she could find a hot water carafe for heating water in the morning. Our one cup immersion heater had died earlier on the trip. She succeeded !! She also got a can of “Illy” Espresso. Now we are talking business.

Vineyard outside Castagneto

We packed our appliances and goods into our backpacks and headed down the road, stopping for necessities such as gelato on the way. I am happy to report that the water heater, and espresso work wonderfully – just hope I can sleep tonight.

Coffee - a "Still Life"

Stephen & Linda

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