Friday, September 16, 2011

Final Day of Riding in Tuscany

Today was our the last day of riding day in Tuscany. We went down the coast to a town called Populonia, an Etruscan city, where we climbed to a medieval watch tower that overlooked the sea. We could see the places in the wall where the archers would shoot at attackers (arrow loops). The stairway to the top of the tower was built so even Linda had to duck to keep from hitting here head. The rest of us were thinking we should have worn our bike helmets to climb up.
View from the Tower

Etruscan Excavations

The Watch Tower

A small church

We headed back up the coast, and after we got home we took a final dip in the Mediterranean Sea. We had a real good time and met some real nice folks. Doing all of our rides from one hotel left us feeling that we could come back here and do our own ride if we wanted to.

We are about 90% packed (obviously the computer isn't packed yet) but after supper we will have just about every thing in the suitcases except what we need for coffee in the morning. Tomorrow morning we are going to catch a regional train in the morning to Florence where we will be staying for 3 nights. If we get good internet, you will be hearing from us there!

Stephen & Linda


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