Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ride Day 7 in Tuscany

Today, we once again strayed off of the planned route. This time we started early and met a cyclist named Franco going in the same general direction as us. He recommended a couple of modifications to our route, and we were treated to a couple of great roads to Venturina and Campiglia before we got back to our normal route.
Franco, Linda, and Joan in Venturina

Stephen & Franco on the road to Campiglia

Our conversation was somewhat limited because we don't speak any Italian, and we talked a little fast for Franco. But we got the ideas across. It was interesting to see some of the same expressions and gestures that Linda's uncles have used when Franco was talking. There were times that we knew exactly what he was saying even it we didn't understand some of the words.




We said goodbye to Franco and headed on our way back to the rest of our designated cycling group after an early lunch. I got a flat tire, but since it was right outside of a place where we could get coffee and ice cream, it wasn't as bad as it could have been.  

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Stephen & Linda

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  1. You DO have an eye for photography Stephen. Great pictures ..