Wednesday, September 7, 2011

From Rome to Tuscany

Hi folks,

Well we made it from Rome to Tuscany on the trains without major problems. Those of you who were betting that we would at least get stuck in the middle of Italy, or possibly en-route to Poland lost your bet. We were about 20 minutes late pulling our of Rome, so were kind of nervous about making our connection in Grosseto, but it all worked out with a few minutes to spare.

Our friend and tour leader picked us up at the local train station (Donoratico) and whisked us to our hotel. Our room looks out the back of the hotel, it has a nice view (no city lights). The hotel is very nice and right on the Mediterranean Sea. We are going to have to try a swim in a day or two. If the water is too cold, there is a swimming pool.

Linda in our Room at Donoratico

The view from our room at Donoratico

We picked up our rental bike which fit perfect, and look to be in excellent mechanical shape. We met many of the people in our group, maybe about 40 in total. I am not sure we will be able to learn that many names by the end of the trip! Tomorrow is our first ride day, the weather forecast looks like it should be nice and sunny.

We hope you are all doing well.

Stephen & Linda

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  1. You guys sure do know how to have fun. Are you going to take a quicky cooking class in Tuscany??? Can't WAIT to see the pictures.