Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Day of Touring in Florence

Hello Everyone!

We had a marvelous day of visiting in Florence. Yesterday our plan was to walk all around and take advantage of the sunny weather. We stopped last night and bought tickets for the Uffizi Gallery for this morning because it was supposed to be cloudy and probably rain. Even though it started out sunny in the morning, the clouds did come in, and it did rain late in the afternoon.

Florence and the river Arno in the morning

People hang locks on this rail to commemorate their love

We spent all morning and part of the afternoon in the Uffizi, it was a great visit. Getting back to the hotel just before the rain started was also a plus. After supper and a brief rest we went back out and walked around town and were treated to the lights of the city down along the river. It was a very good day.

Linda and a Candy Shop

Ponte Vecchio at night

Piazza della Repubblica at night
This is a link to a few more pictures from yesterday.
This is a link to a few more pictures from today.

Hope you are all fine,

Stephen & Linda